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Are you interested in essential oils and ditching chemicals in your home? Want dreamy scents filling your home or to go with a more natural lifestyle? Besides photography, going oily has become a big passion of mine! Saying yes to a Premium Starter Kit has been one of the best decisions I've made for me and my family, hands down! My only regret is not starting with oils sooner. I am not an oily expert, but I am a huge enthusiast! And the beauty is that you don't have to be to get started. It always seemed way too overwhelming to learn and I felt like I didn't have the time to invest in it. BUT, when I discovered this community that I'm now a part of, I knew with the information provided for me and the ultimate support that I could absolutely do this. If you want to join the wellness journey we are on, we will get you plugged into our online community and you'll have endless resources at your fingertips! You'll also get a cute welcome package from me with lots of helpful info and super fun little gifts!

Okay! When you are ready to sign up for your starter kit, all you have to do is:

1. Go to my website (click "Ready to grab some oils?!" link at bottom of page)

2. Click Get Started to “become a member” (remember your starter kit comes with a FREE wholesale membership with NO obligation to ever place another order!!!!).

3. On the next page you will select your Premium Starter Kit and diffuser (there are a handful of diffusers to chose from).

4. Next you will have the option to enroll in Essential Rewards (basically fully customizable happy mail delivered to your doorstep every month). This is completely optional but I always encourage friends to give it a try for a month or two because it’s an amazing way to start introducing natural products into your home and you can easily cancel at ANY time! Plus you’ll get a $10 ER credit right away just for ordering your kit My first ER order included: Valor roll-on (inspires confidence and courage and smells sweet + spicy), Thieves household cleaner (it’s a concentrated bottle that will yield over 30 full size bottles of cleaner), Thieves whitening toothpaste (fluoride-free and plant-based), and Cedarwood oil (awesome for sleep support, especially when combined with lavender, which comes in your starter kit).

5. After you decide on Essential Rewards, complete the remainder of your personal info and then get ready to do a happy dance when your package arrives! My number will pre-fill under sponsor/enroller when you use my link. (#4344716) 

If the number above does not appear, you will be added to a random Young Living Team. Yikes!

Bonus! Want your kit to pay for itself? Young Living rewards its wholesale members when they share about the kit and one of their friends purchases!