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I'm so glad you dropped by. I'm sure you're out there trying to do it all... juggling life, family, work, home and all the pressures of our modern society and someway, somehow, trying to take care of everyone’s health in the middle of it. We’re the same in our home.

About two years ago (early pandemic days) we found a better way... I had a terrible feeling about all the lysol use and knew it just couldn't be good for us to be breathing in or absorbing into our skin! Not to mention, our anxiety levels were at an all time high with all the uncertainty, doing school at home, etc! Luckily, with not much thought, I grabbed an oil starter kit one day from a girl on instagram (who is now a friend + leader) that I had really been relating to on a personal level. She had mentioned how oils helped her emotional health and I had never considered that as an option before. So, I dove in head first and the next month grabbed a second starter kit, this time with the Thieves home cleaning line...and here we are today!

We're obsessed with these convenient, safe and effective alternatives that have completely changed our home, mental health and overall wellness. You might think, “I don’t have time to figure out something new and learn how to use it.” Well that’s where I come in. I'm not going to point you to something and then wave as you walk away to figure it out on your own. Nope. We’re a community. A place to belong, learn and get answers. Meet the savvy and beautiful healthcare of the future, but with a long history and past. xx Jillian

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Rollers + Rosé Workshops

I am thrilled to share my newest collaboration with… myself!! I’ve been dreaming of having my two passions collide and here it is 🌸💗 Now offering Rollers + Rosé Workshops for small groups of 2-4 in my home photography studio in Northwest Indiana! Grab a couple gal pals for a day out, birthday celebration, or mother/daughter dates :)

Workshops will include:

•materials for 1 essential oil roller blend per person

•dried florals + support blend of choice

•bottle of rosé (sparkling grape juice for the under 21 crowd ;))

•charcuterie board

•recipe cards

•professional photos to remember your event

Located in NWI, cost is $20 per person | Contact me below to set up your date!

Why Essential Oils?

Within 22 seconds of applying the oils, the molecules have reached our brain. Within 2 minutes the molecules can be found in our bloodstream and within 20 minutes of applying oils they can be found in every cell of our body--how cool is that?! Oils are distilled from the roots, bark, leaves, and flowers of our beautiful earth to create a sustainable and reliable way to give us individual care. Forget the boxed answers that pretend my needs are just like yours. Designed to work with our bodies, created for our use, intelligent and equipped to get down and get to work on a cellular level in moments the way you need them to because of your history and your current state of health. Never created in labs but highly tested with the most technologically advanced equipment so that every bottle is full of purity and quality. This is our ancestor’s heartfelt, generational knowledge combined with the most cutting edge scientific advancements in wellness to create products you can trust.

How do I use them?

Let me count the ways. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing them as perfume, diffusing them to fill your home with beneficial aromas, taking them in supplements, adding them to your personal care routine, and creating all kinds of unique and custom blends and products for your home. Whether you are a DIY queen or want your products convenient and ready to go, everything you need will be at your fingertips. And the best part? All of this is figured out for you. Just wait until you tap into our endless resources, ideas, suggestions, and education.

Why Young Living?

If you’re like me, you're out there trying to give yourself and your loved ones the very best. You’re investing in your future and you care about the sustainability and integrity of the products you use. Young Living has been leading this industry for almost 30 years. They’re not jumping onto a trend or bandwagon, they created it. They pioneered a movement when everyone thought they were crazy. And we all know that’s where the best and most life-changing discoveries are made. From sheep grazing their lavender fields next to a castle in France as toxin-free weed management to an award-winning green corporate building in Utah, to schools being built in communities so field workers’ children can attend school, to a Seed to Seal promise for every drop of oil that is tested and shipped out to you, Young Living is where the standards of the last century meet the innovations of the next.

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